Who is She

I went to an amazing concert of the Allman Brothers two year ago. Within the first hour, I began to cry with the rock and roll as a background. When my best friend asked me what was wrong with me, I said still sobbing “Nothing, it’s just that… I don’t know myself.” She laughed out loud and answered me back “well, that’s a very good question for an 80 bucks concert.”  After 10 minutes of laughter, I still keep wondering who I am so I will try to find out now.

Hello. My name is Marta although my mother calls me “little thing,” my brother calls me “Martita” and Scottish people, “Mara.” So far, I’ve been an Au Pair, a journalist, a waitress, a farmer, a fish factory operator, a teacher and non of them.

These last years I have been in New York, Virginia, Seville, Inverness, Badajoz… developing some skills such as taking showers with boiling water while brushing my teeth, dancing as if I were in a videoclip when (I think) nobody is looking or pretending that I have magical powers when I walk through automatic doors.

Chocolate and coffee. They make me a better person. People slurping soup and orthographic errors make me a worse human being.

Jodorowsky. Murakami. José Luis Sampedro. Paul Auster.

Playing guitar while singing (free style) and yoga relax me.

Juan Luis Guerra. Led Zeppelin. Jorge Ben Jor. Sabina.

I am known by cold hands and red lips.

“Pirate, the cat” was the first book I knew by heart. The second was “The little Prince.” Currently, my memory skills are being wasted with 325 passwords and 4 phone numbers.

I’m from Badajoz, Spain. Yes! Sun, tapas, good life… but no jobs. That’s why I’m living in Scotland now. Here, my vehicle is an old bike that sounds like a tractor. I miss the sun and the unbearable hot. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. The point is I finish this presentation and I still don’t know myself. Anyway, I’m glad you are here!