Some adults’ bullshit

Being an adult it’s a constant effort to remember that you need to enjoy life. Aren’t we here just for that? So why do we forget our only purpose? Most no-adult people would think growing up is great because you have beers and freedom. But I would rather have orange juice than being an adult.


Illustration by Gema Galán

Growing up just causes you problems. You are not allowed to cry because you forgot your favorite cookies at the grocery store or because you got a little scratch with a branch in the park. But good news, other reasons such as money or “future” issues are totally fine. You get taller but your imagination decreases as fast as you grow. Your answers and questions become what everybody would answer and ask. You don’t believe in magical things such as fairy tooth or Santa Claus but you believe in politicians and bankers. And you dare to call yourself “adult” meaning “children don’t know a shit”.

Although you have been living longer, you realised you need to know yourself. And that takes ages.

You can try to behave as a child but probably it is not something you can do, it is something you are or not. Some people get to be a child again. They are called unmature. “When you become a grown up, you will understand” or “You can’t do that” become essential part of your vocabulary. You have to find time to see a friend but not to work. Obviously, work is more important.

I could find many more examples but I have to do groceries and go to work. Thank you for your time, adult people.

If you find any contradiction or you have heard some of this before, it’s because I’m one of them.

I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have to keep going.