My Solution

I didn’t like children and I became an Au Pair.

I didn’t like cold and I am working in a Fish Factory.

When I was young I was the shyest person in the school and so I became a journalist.


Illustration by Gema Galán

I was scared of being alone and it was the best thing I’ve ever tried.

I thought genuine strangers who really care about you only exist in movies.

It might be a good solution to try things you don’t like and realized it wasn’t that bad at all.

It makes you tough and open-minded. It makes you see things differently and appreciate them differently.

I destroyed my prejudices and I made new varied friends.

I shared my feelings with unknown people. That was weird but also felt good.

I learnt that talking to people anywhere any time doesn’t bother anybody. We need to be talked to! As a special person I know says, “Someone needs to do it!” and one of them it’s going to be me.

Maybe I don’t know what to do with my life but I finally found out my solution.

(Written one week ago…)