Here comes…

Eyes closed, mouth opened, it just felt like an orgasm for my body. Inside I could feel how the bright energy was transforming any bad mood in beautiful happiness and boosting my liquid blood to every corner of my organs. They worked  armonically but quick because they knew it wasn’t going to last much.


Illustration by Gema Galán

I could feel it covering my skin. Still, I was wearing a coat and winter boots. I’m not that warm easily. Deep breath and the air tasted better. Even the cemetery looked as the perfect place to spend that morning. The gravestones were reflecting a yellow warm light. Also the breeze was graceful to find it around. The river was shining as a party ball and the colors were colors again. Musicians were getting their best pay ever, children were wandering with frown and ice creams and girls were wearing their brand new summer dresses. At home, people were doing laundries and admiring their gardens.

It’s curious how you take things for granted. Our relationship had always been so natural and frequent that I hadn’t thought about it before. But now, it was part of my daily conversations with friends and strangers. It was part of my thoughts.

…the sun.