Breakfast at…

I’ve been told is the most important meal of the day. But also, it is actually, my favorite one. Interesting enough it’s never been the same depending on the people I share it with and the place I am.


Illustration by Gema Galán


It’s the laziest but also the most enjoyable. Always on pajamas. Usually watching tv or just listening to the radio. Cereal or toast is the choice. Simple. Nothing special or elaborated. I just make it as soon as possible so I can enjoy my eating ritual more time. Coffee is mandatory. Shared with my mom at the weekends.

My best friend’s (Cari)

Always different. Normally, coffee is darker and food is saltier. Toasts would be with avocado or ham or cheese. Bread is well toasted and cheese, well melted. Fresh orange juice made by her. Fruit and interesting conversation on the side.

My grandparents’

Radio murmuring and loud chewing sounds are part of the ritual. It’s early. My grandpa is having toasts in his bowl of coffee. My grandma has had her coffee and toast hours ago. He takes his time, enjoying the spoon cling clang and the chewing process. We talk or laugh with the radio. It’s a political radio show. He complaints every minute and ask me for opinions. I’m having cereal and coffee. My grandma offers me a fruit at mid day.

My American house (being an Au Pair)

It was a breakfast by stages. Anxious and having coffee while preparing the children’s lunch and breakfast, trying to wake one up, having one toast while the pancakes are getting ready and biting a pancake after taking kids to school. (If there was any left). Odious meal with lots of stress. Sometimes, I would have breakfast twice so I could enjoy the second one in silence and peace.

The cave

Seated on the floor. Cup of tea or coffee and cereal or oat meal with maple syroup. Wearing comfy clothes and getting warm with a blanket. Watching tv or reading the newspaper. Going for a walk around the city afterwards. Tea might be shared with the caveman who would report me the weather information in the world in a very detailed and passionate way.

The bar (After-party breakfast)

Having breakfast at 7 am in the morning with some friends after leaving the pubs. White faces, red eyes and destroyed feet from dancing all night. Normally, coffee is replaced by a nice warm hot chocolate to have a good morning sleep and a big toast with oil and tomato to fill empty bellies.

My current house in Scotland

Cereal with fruit or toasts. Or both. It depends on my working shifts. This breakfast includes sometimes TV or a conversation with my flat mates. Also, it’s the time to organize my day and think about future breakfasts.